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Meet the Doctors of Ireland Clinic of Chiropractic, LLC

Anchorage Chiropractor, Dr. Trevor Ireland

Dr. Trevor Ireland

Dr. Ireland graduated Magna Cum Laude from Palmer College of Chiropractic. He’s since dedicated his life to creating a trusting, compassionate healthcare facility for a stronger community.

Dr. Trevor Ireland opened Ireland Clinic of Chiropractic in 1971 and has been practicing here in Anchorage ever since. Proud to work alongside of his daughter, Dr. Michelle Ireland, the two work together to help patients achieve optimal health and well-being.

In June of 1979, Dr. Ireland reached for one of his dreams, the summit of Mt. McKinley. Along the way, he even performed the “highest” adjustment on a fellow climber who had a back injury.

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Anchorage Chiropractor, Dr. Greg Egeland

Dr. Greg Egeland

“I chose chiropractic because it’s a field where I could work with athletes as well as meet many wonderful people and provide them the help they need. I felt that chiropractic was a profession that would enable me to make a difference and help people live a pain-free and active life.”

Dr. Greg Egeland is dedicated to providing quality, personalized chiropractic care so that each patient can achieve optimal health. He’s enthusiastic about helping patients like you reach your full potential through chiropractic care.

In addition to his many professional accolades, Dr. Egeland continues to be active in sports and has won the Alaska State Judo Championship numerous times.

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Anchorage Chiropractor, Dr. Michelle Ireland

Dr. Michelle Ireland

Dr. Michelle Ireland is honored to continue her family’s legacy of providing quality, traditional chiropractic care to the great people of Alaska.

Her lifelong commitment to the “chiropractic way of life” of eating well, drinking pure water, exercising daily, getting enough restful sleep and owning a positive healthy attitude, along with receiving regular chiropractic adjustments has helped her and her family maintain excellent health.

She really enjoys having the opportunity to share her lifestyle with her patients so that they can live life more comfortably, with more motion and less pain, enabling them to get out there and live life to the fullest.

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Anchorage Chiropractor, Dr. Joel Ingersoll

Dr. Joel Ingersoll

Dr. Joel Ingersoll is an Alaskan native who grew up commercial fishing in Valdez, AK, worked in the Prudoe Bay oil field for several years, and worked manual labor jobs including runway and road construction projects in western Alaska.

After experiencing the benefits of chiropractic himself, he changed careers paths so he could help others.  As a Chiropractor with a post graduate certificate in Functional Medicine, Dr. Ingersoll is passionate about all aspects of health, nutrition, lifestyle, exercise and general wellness.

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