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Se Habla EspanolMeet Dr. Joel Ingersoll

Anchorage Chiropractor, Dr. Joel Ingersoll

Dr. Joel Ingersoll

The Road to Chiropractic

I grew up commercial fishing in Valdez, Alaska, worked in the Prudoe Bay oil field for several years, and worked manual labor jobs including runway and road construction projects in western Alaska.

Along the way I noticed that in many cases my co-workers used chiropractic to enable them to continue working. In some cases they had regularly scheduled visits during their time off the slope.

It became increasingly clear to me that the people who were using chiropractic, and trying to take care of themselves, were doing much better over time than those who relied mainly on prescription medications when they had problems.

I began occasionally seeking chiropractic care when I needed it, then made it a priority after a serious car accident.  Being rear-ended by a drunk driver left me suffering with severe low back pain as well as excruciating pain and numbness in my left leg.  My incredible recovery and love for learning set me on the path to becoming a chiropractor.

Chiropractic Education

After graduating from the University of Western States in Portland, Oregon in 2007 with my Doctor of Chiropractic degree I practiced in Oregon while continuing my education.

I have a post graduate certificate in Functional Medicine and continually study the most current literature, research and information regarding all aspects of health, nutrition, lifestyle, exercise and general wellness. Research shows these are the main factors in affecting chronic degenerative diseases which are epidemic in our society and which rob us of our quality of life.

Additionally, I am Certified by the National Board of Chiropractic Examiners, Board Certified in Physiotherapy and have been licensed in the State of Alaska since 2011.

Compassionate Care in Anchorage

My first goal is to reverse your pain, symptoms, and dysfunction. I want to help your body function optimally and become pain free for as long as possible so you can enjoy your life, perform your job and make the most of all Alaska has to offer.

My second goal is to help patients achieve wellness by guiding them in nutrition and other natural alternative options.

Enough about me, now I want to learn about you! Call our Anchorage chiropractic office today to make an appointment.